Hi I’m Violet Fields and I’m a parent, a writer and a dog lover.

I have dabbled in all kinds of writing in the past but primarily historical romance, romantic comedy, and short stories.

At the moment I’m writing a women’s fiction  novel about a duke’s dynasty and the women who affect the course of it with the working title of ‘The Rector’s Daughter’. The story is set in the years surrounding first world war, with the epic Peak district and South Yorkshire landscape as its backdrop. A second linked novel is planned as a follow up though it can equally stand alone ‘The Women of Cadmorton.’ That one is set over a longer timescale and forty five to sixty five years after the first book.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember being the editor of the school magazine and having a play produced as part of a district festival whilst in my teens.

As part of my degree in Film Studies with Professional Writing I attempted to deliver sketches in a similar style to the late great Victoria Wood, at a local comedy club (!); wrote short stories and had to complete full length original and adapted screenplays.

Recently I joined the Romantic Novelists’ Association under their New Writer’s scheme and am a member of both the Yorkshire Terriers’ chapter and the Belmont Belles’ (Leicester Chapter).

I had been a keen hiker in the past but a ruptured achilles tendon three years ago put paid to most of the more strenuous walks. However I live near the Peak District and know and love the area especially Hathersage which is steeped in literary history and symbolism and deeply appeals to me as a setting for a novel.

I also must admit to a bit of a weakness for seeing men getting themselves and their clothes wet in rivers etc. Think Colin Firth’s iconic scene as Mr Darcy or even Burt Lancaster in the waves of ‘From Here to Eternity’.   Amongst my favourite images ever is a movie still I once saw of Viggo Mortensen playing ‘Aragorn’ in ‘Lord of the Rings’ sitting fully clothed in a stream 🙂

I like my stories to be to have strong heroines and but I don’t like any characters too be too perfect. My heroes tend to be flawed but develop into (hopefully) both the reader’s and heroine’s ideal man as the pages turn by.


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