One writer and her dog


Hello and welcome to the first post of my new blog, on my brand new updated website. I am writing as Violet Fields but many people may know me as Karen Critchley.

I thought I’d start by saying a little about where I write and what the week has got in store for me. I can write in most places actually including bed, trains, coffee shops and in art classes, when I’m supposed to be painting.

At home I have a pretty untidy and cramped workspace tucked away in the corner of my bedroom, and get most of my best lines from a three year old canine companion named Betsy. Or so she thinks.

I’m an avid romance reader and writer. The wall next to my desk is adorned with one hundred classic covers of penguin book covers. Unfortunately I didn’t have a spirit level when I put them up so it helps if you are swaying a little when you look at them. Wine may help here, I couldn’t possibly comment !




After some serious health issues I’m getting back to enjoying life and writing again and am looking forward to attending the RNA conference in London, which I sadly had to miss last year. Can’t wait, in fact and already got a baby ( I mean dog) sitter lined up for Betsy.

The coming week looks likely to be a mixed bag, lots of writing to get on with of course but a follow up bone scan on Wednesday will take a huge chunk out of the day.

Treat of the week will be meeting up with fellow Yorkshire based writers for our RNA chapter meeting.

Good company, great writerly chat and advice plus a fabulous bit of nosh to top the evening off.




Betsy is very slowly dictating the next chapter of ‘The Hawthorne Inheritance’ to Violet, shush, don’t tell anyone will you? 🙂


8 Responses to “One writer and her dog”

  1. Lizzie Lamb says:

    Congratulations on the launch in your new blog Violet. I look forward to reading your posts and see more pictures of your lovely dog. See you at the conference in London in July.

  2. Violet Fields says:

    Thank you so much Lizzie. Looking forward to seeing you too 🙂

  3. Great first blog, Violet, and love the idea of adorning your wall with classic book covers. I still have one or two of the actual paperbacks on my shelves – Vile Bodies, Brighton Rock, She Came to Stay – Can’t bear the thought of getting rid of them. And, it’ll be good to see you at Conference.

  4. Joanne Moreton Hanley says:

    hey Karen, I look forward to reading more from you . I love a bit of romance

  5. Oh Betsy is so adorable! My dogs pretend to help me write, but mostly by keeping the cats off the laptop. Good luck with the writing, and see you soon.

  6. Violet Fields says:

    Thanks Jane. I’m afraid she can’t help me to write at the moment because she has a poorly paw. I fear we’re off to see the vet tomorrow. See you on the battlebus x

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